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Queen of the East

Our Current project is the UK tour of

Queen of the East

The year is 32 BCE

Egypt is in ruins – corrupted by three centuries of male tyranny.

Until… Cleopatra VII, the last Queen to ever rule Egypt, fixed her eyes on the empire. 

Set in a faraway ancient land, this is an adventure of extravagant truths and misleading puppets. Whose story can we trust, and whose lives must be lost? Join us to discover what really happened to the Queen of the East. 

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Queen of the East is a 25-minute, multi-disciplinary performance that invites audiences to view history through an anti-racist and feminist lens. Using puppetry and song, three performers embody Cleopatra II’s life and death, coveted with strange facts and witty characters.



The purpose of QotE is to educate and entertain everyone, children and families, the young and the old, the local and the international, it is a tale which can resonate with us all. Queen of the East introduces audiences to a story of wealth and power in Egypt, and at its centre is a historical figure hailed for her intelligence, wit and masterful wonder with words. This performance corrects the longstanding rumours which cling to our Ancient queen.

We are Tech-less...

Well almost!

To reduce our company's carbon footprint, we do not use theatre lights or a sound desk. All of our music is performed live. 

If we are performing in a large venue, or outdoors we require a head mic each and a simple PA system set up. 

Not needing to transport large amounts of technical equipment makes setting up, striking and touring, a convenient and viable endeavour.

Want to programme Queen of the East?

We are still programming performances for our summer 2023 tour. If you are interested in programming Queen of the East for a festival or venue this summer please get in contact.

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